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Hiroshima is perhaps best known for the devastation caused by an atomic bomb on August 6th, 1945. A key event in both World War II and human history in general, the bombing of Hiroshima features prominently on many of the Hiroshima tours that travel companies offer.

The city’s top tourist attractions tend to be the ones that involve the bombing, from monuments (the Atomic Bomb Dome or the Children’s Peace Monument) to museums (the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum). However, while these attractions offer powerful, breathtaking, heartbreaking and unforgettable, they do not encapsulate everything that Hiroshima is.

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At JTB Travel, we don’t want your visit to Hiroshima to dominated by memories of that fateful day towards the end of World War II that claimed tens of thousands of lives. August 6th, 1945 was an extraordinary, horrific day in the history of this city, but it was not the only day. On the contrary, Hiroshima’s history and rich heritage stretched out for centuries before World War II. The city’s story has also continued ever since, a testament to the ironclad resilience of the human spirit.

When you book a Hiroshima day tour with JTB Travel, you can rest assured that we will show you a fuller portrait of Hiroshima than most trips or tourist experiences have to offer. Yes, our tours will touch upon the bombing and the acclaimed attractions that memorialise it. However, our tours will also shine a light on other parts of the city’s story, highlighting the rich history, heritage, beauty and vibrant life that the city has hosted for hundreds of years and continues to host today.

Our goal—whether you book a Hiroshima half day tour or a full day trip—is to show you aspects and dimensions of the city that you couldn’t get from any other tour. In other words, if you want to learn more about Hiroshima than what you would from a history book covering the last days of World War II, we are the tour company to show it to you.

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Hiroshima is home to everything from delicious, authentic cuisine, to major media companies to a vibrant sports scene. The list goes on and on, proving that—while Hiroshima may be known for the incredible tragedy that took place here more than 70 years ago, it is not defined by it.

Are you interested in learning about the things, places, people, and ideas that define Hiroshima today? If so, start by giving us a call at JTB Travel. You can reach us on 1300 739 330. We can help you set up a Hiroshima tour for a group, or join one of our tours on your own. We offer both Hiroshima day tours and Hiroshima half day tours, depending on what your schedule looks like while you are here. Regardless of which tour you take, you can expect to get a local perspective on Hiroshima that will give you a deeper and richer perspective on this beautiful, historic city.