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Calling All Disney Lovers: Get Disneyland Japan Tickets Ahead of Your Visit to Tokyo

It’s no secret that Disney is one of the world’s biggest and most profitable entertainment companies. Known in the early days for its animated short films and features—including iconic characters like Snow White, Dumbo and Mickey Mouse himself—Disney has only grown more prosperous over the years. Today, in addition to producing its own films and entertainment, Disney also owns key brands like Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.

What many people forget, though, is how big a part of the Disney brand theme parks are. In 2015, Disney amusement parks occupied four of the top five slots regarding global annual attendance. The top two slots were Disney’s Magic Kingdom (located in Florida, USA) and Disneyland (located in California, USA). The third slot, meanwhile, was held by Tokyo Disneyland, with an annual attendance of about 16.6 million people.

Plan Your Visit to Tokyo Disneyland, with Tickets from JTB Travel

If you love Disney and are planning a trip to Tokyo—or if you are looking for family-friendly attractions in the area—your trip simply wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Disneyland Tokyo. At JTB Travel, we can help you arrange and purchase your Tokyo Disneyland passes. By working with group companies in Japan that have been checked for compliance and reliability, we can sell Disneyland Japan tickets in an entirely secure fashion. When you buy your tickets through us, you can rest easy knowing that your trip to Disney is guaranteed.

Even if you have been to one or both of the United States incarnations of Disneyland/The Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland is well worth a visit. While similar to both Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland has a few differences that make it unique. For instance, your Tokyo Disneyland tickets include admission to Tokyo DisneySea, a standalone park that carries a unique nautical theme. Though originally planned as an addition to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, DisneySea was never built, in any incarnation, in the United States. Thus, Tokyo Disneyland is the only place where you can explore this unique park and its seven so-called ‘Ports of Call.’

In addition to DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland includes several unique rides, stage shows and other experiences not found at Disney parks in other parts of the world. If you haven’t been to any other Disney park, you won’t notice the differences, but will surely enjoy the attractions, Disney characters and the general spirit of enthusiasm that permeates every metre of the amusement park.

Make Your Trip More Family-Oriented

If you are travelling with kids and want to ensure you are focusing on attractions that everyone will enjoy, buying Disneyland Japan tickets is the perfect way to start. Disney films and stories may often be geared towards kids, but their messages and timeless narratives transcend age. The same applies to the Tokyo Disneyland experience. Buy your Tokyo Disneyland passes today from JTB Travel, and be sure not to miss this fun-filled adventure park!