Japan Internet SIM

You can purchase a Docomo 4G network SIM card from JTB before you arrive Japan:

  • Data SIM (nano, 3GB) – 1 x card: A$49.00
  • Voice SIM (nano, 110MB/day) – 1 x card: A$59.00

Since we are unable to reimburse the charge after we have received full payment, please read the following conditions carefully before purchasing:

Please also note that until paid in full your SIM card will not be ready for collection OR delivered. 

  • The SIM card is specifically designed for DATA communication (3GB) or VOICE Communication (110MB/day) only.
  • The SIM card is strictly for use in Japan and is non-international roaming compliant.

How to Buy:

  1. Pick up at a JTB counter (Sydney or Melbourne offices):
    To make sure the SIM card is available first, we recommend you to fill out the below booking request form to arrange a date of pick up and payment with us. You can pay at the counter when you collect your SIM card. 
  2. SIM card delivery charge: DX Mail – $7 or Courier – $20
    Please fill out the below booking request form and a JTB consultant will be in contact with you to confirm your order.

How to Use:

  • To activate the card, simply insert the SIM into your own smart phone or tablet in Japan
  • APN set up details will be included in your documentation when you receive your SIM card
    SIM adaptor is included in the pack so no need to know what size SIM card the phone takes
  • This is a rechargeable SIM card
  • DATA SIM: The data credit lasts for 30 days after you activate your SIM, and the 30 days reset when you recharge
    There is no limit for one day usage so that it enables you to use 3GB within a day.  Once your SIM card reached 3GB, your Internet access will automatically be terminated, and there are no fees for exceeding your data allowance.
  • VOICE SIM:  You can make and receive calls with the telephone number starting 050.  The credit includes monthly fee (JPY 160) + Call credit (JPY 100) and lasts for 1 month after you activate your SIM.  After the usage exceeds 100MB/day, the speed will slow down from LTE/3G to 200kbps.  The usage is reset 0am.
  • No reimbursement or changing of the product is allowed once you have purchased from JTB

Note: All SIM cards can only be delivered to Australian addresses (not to PO boxes). Please ensure you allow enough time for pickup or delivery when making your order (We recommend 5 days or more).

Please read the booking conditions carefully as they incorporate the basis upon which bookings are accepted by JTB Australia Pty Ltd. (“JTB”)

JAPAN Internet SIM Card Booking Request

Currently we are receiving a booking by this booking request form. This is a request for JTB consultant to contact you and does not involve a payment. Please be aware:

  • JTB will charge delivery fee DX mail (A$7.00) or Courier (A$20.00), if you select the delivery option.
  • Please read the booking conditions carefully.

 I want the card delivered, please contact me I want to pick up the card at JTB office (Sydney, Melbourne) I want to enquire