Thank you for all that you did.

Dear Toshiya san

I would like to thank you for all that you did to make this
trip the success it was!  : -)

It all went very well and as far as I could tell – everything was there at the right time
and we managed to get around Japan in comfort to all the planned places at the right

Our tour guide Ms. Haromi Yasuda was just the right person and I think she enjoyed
our company too.  She helped me a few times when I had some difficulties with
long slippery noodles! And organised vegetarian food when she could.
I have emailed her to thank her for her great contribution and she has replied.

The flight back [upgraded to premium care of rev George’s generous offer] was
definitely the way to go! We had no problems at Narita doing that. They were
impressively efficient as was cutoms etc when we arrived.  It was a very easy and pleasant
beginning to our stay in Japan and also departure!

I would definitely premium economy it for ‘long legged’ westernersI It was very much worth it.

If I go to Japan again I would go either business or premium economy!

Many thanks for you attention/emails etc   to my getting to Sydney when qantas was
in the middle of strikes. In the end it worked out ok! PHEW!!

Finally it was good to meet you, if only briefly at Sydney Airport and to ‘put a face to the name’.

Hontouni kandoushita!

Be happy and well always!


Oct. 2011

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