Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic trip.

Hi Kathy, Sadly I am sending this email from work as the holiday is over but Paul and I just wanted to thank you and the your team for a fantastic trip. The accommodation was outstanding and the food was great, I would particularly like to thank you for organizing the gluten free food options for me, it is not too often that I get so many choices when it comes to food! The rickshaw (?) ride on the first night definitely set the scene for a fun few days. A highlight for us was Mr Thao the tour guide, he is a real gem and I can safely say that all of the group I spoke to thought he was wonderful, I am sure that George is going to secretly fund Mr Thao’s Jeep tours once he has finished restoring them….lol Fingers crossed we are able to attend next years trip, wherever that may be, we look forward to seeing everyone again next year. kind regards Megan

Jun. 2015

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