Somewhere special

Kyoto Ayaginu House

The house was beautiful and immediately gave a sense of being somewhere special. The Japanese features were stylish and well set up for the traveler.  Location was superb.  Less than 10 minutes to Kyoto Station and around the corner from a 7/11 in a quiet street.  While the doorways were short for Tom, there was enough space to spread out and relax at the end of the day.  The only concern would be if a family with young children were to book the house, there was no barrier coming down the stairs – a huge drop.  I made Will promise me that he would hang onto the wall at all times.  There was also a quirky window that opened up in the Main bedroom overlooking the staircase void.  Again, Will was banned from going anywhere near it.  Safe to say, Will behaved himself, but I would be on edge if I had small kids.


Ryofukuen Kiyoharu

The staff were friendly and very obliging and wanted us to have a wonderful stay.  In the paperwork it suggested a taxi ride from the station to get there, but they do have a shuttle bus. We used the shuttle bus everyday and without it, the accommodation would have been a little too far away from town.  The accommodation was dated and a slight scene (very un Japanese) between the husband and wife on arrival made Justin and I both say “Welcome to Faulty Towers!” We experienced a little bit of culture shock with the style of stay, but after the initial impression, the place grew on us it and was one of our favourite experiences. Poor Lily, she really is not a fan of mushrooms and fish and it was the main ingredient celebrated in the first dinner and breakfast.  We were almost going to request one less meal and get Lily something in town, but they were very intuitive and served up a “western breakfast” the next day which made Lily happy.  The dinners over the 3 nights were all different too.  We all tried everything and although we didn’t fully eat all the dishes, it was a wonderful way to experience the culture and cuisine.  A definite thing most first time visitors to japan should do.  The onsen was great! One bath inside with a cold bath and sauna and another outside in a lovely garden setting.  Justin, Will and I embraced it.  It was very quiet at the hotel, it seemed like only our family was there for the first 2 days, which I find a bit unnerving.  However it was Monday to Thursday and perhaps weekends busier.  The upside was the onsen was empty, which really helped

Oct. 2019

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