Massive thank you for everything you organised

Hi Peter!
I just wanted to message you to give you a massive thank you for everything you organised for me for my Japan trip. I had the absolute best time, there wasn’t a bad day for the entire trip.
All the accommodation was great, comfortable, super easy to find and in great locations.
The flights you organised were easy as well (I’m not a great flyer but I had no issues with them so that’s a big win in my book) and the Rail Pass was extremely handy! I booked all of my biggest Shinkansen journeys all at once when I arrived in Sapporo and it made getting around the rest of my time there extremely easy. 
The two tours I did were fantastic as well, I got very lucky on the day we went out to Mt. Fuji and it was actually visible!
And the Rugby tickets were great! I was not expecting seats that good! It was an awesome atmosphere out at the games (even if Australia lost to Wales) and just being around in the cities with a sea of rugby fans was a lot of fun.
So thank you, for giving me one of my best overseas adventures yet. I loved every minute I spent in Japan.
I can definitely see myself going back there again in the near future and when it comes time to start organising it I will definitely be contacting you again.
All the best,

Oct. 2019

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