What types of JR Passes are there?

There are several types of JR passes that you can get.  Determining which pass you should get depends entirely on your itinerary.  Here’s what you need to consider:

  • How long are you travelling for and (for some passes) how many actual travel days will you have?

  • Ordinary (economy) versus Green (first class) pass.

  • Where exactly you’ll be travelling (just one area of Japan or many areas).  Our JR Pass Map page gives a fantastic overview of where the different passes can take you.

When most people talk about the JR Pass they’re referring to the nation-wide pass which covers all of Japan.  This is by far and away the most popular pass we sell.  You can get it for 7, 14 or 21 days (must be used consecutively) and in green or ordinary class (green is more expensive and comfortable, ordinary is cheaper and less comfortable).

There’s also several other passes and we list them all on our main JR Pass page.  Each pass also has it’s own page to give you more information on how much they cost, where you can go with them and the different ways they can be used.  

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