I noticed a mistake on my Japan Rail Pass, what should I do?

If you find a mistake on your Exchange Order (for example, if your surname is spelt incorrectly or if your date of birth is wrong, etc) then you should notify us immediately so that we can correct it before you leave Australia.  There have been cases in the past where Japan Rail has refused to accept an Exchange Order as the details on the voucher and the details in the passport did not match.  

For this reason we recommend buying from a local agent (like JTB) as we have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and the Gold Coast and we can quickly help you – you won’t be able to do this with online-only services.  We also recommend booking your pass as far in advance as possible (but no more than three months before you plan on making the exchange in Japan).

Please note that when you change the details on a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order it means that the note has to be reissued.  This carries a fee of AUD$45.  It’s certainly best to avoid this wherever possible so please take extra care to make sure any details you supply are 100% accurate and match your passport information.

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