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Can I store my bags at Japan Rail stations?

Yes, you can, most Japan Rail stations have an area with coin lockers. The lockers come in three sizes and can be used for up to three days. In more popular stations it’s much harder to find an available locker. The machines only take 100 Yen coins so be sure to bring a few.

The lockers come in the following sizes: (Costs are guideline only)

  • Small (¥300) – 35cm x 43cm x 57cm. This size is easily the most common and they can be found in large numbers at almost every station in Japan.
  • Medium (¥400) – 57cm x 43cm x 57cm. Only available at larger stations and usually there aren’t many of them.
  • Large (¥500) – 117cm x 43cm x 57cm. Much harder to find and only at major stations.

Small and medium lockers are suitable for the kind of baggage you’d call “carry-on baggage” for a plane. The large size lockers are for large suitcases.

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