Where do I put my bags on Japan Rail Pass bullet trains?

On trains that you catch using your Japan Rail Pass you’ll be able to store your bags.  The official rule is that you can carry two pieces of baggage and that the total length of height, width and depth must be under 250cm and the weight must be less than 30kg per baggage item. In reality this rule isn’t widely known or enforced.

Even so, it will probably upset other travelers and the local people if you brazenly flaunt the rules (a big no-no in Japan). Most airlines allow less than this so your bags will probably be small enough already.

As for specific baggage space, each train is different and will have different options for where you can put your bags. Most travellers tend to put their bags behind the last row of seats at each end of the carriage. This is an acceptable practice.

Also, be mindful that Japan is a small country with many people so it’s important not to take up more space than is necessary as it almost always comes at someone else’s expense. For this reason try to make sure that your bags are stored in such a way to make it easy for others to store theirs.

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