1-Day Mt Fuji, Forest & Cave Tour

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Visit one of Japan's most prominent national symbols, the one and only Mt. Fuji, with a drive up to the mountain's 5th station. Enjoy an afternoon nature walk around Aokigahara Forest (known as the Sea of Trees), located 1000 meters above sea level at the foot of Mt Fuji, and explore the lava caves of the mountain.

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Mt. Fuji 5th Station
Start the ascent up Mt. Fuji via the Fuji Subaru Line. Climb 2,300 meters (7,546 ft) above sea level for breathtaking views from above the clouds. If the Fuji Subaru Line to Mt. Fuji's 5th Station is closed due to icy roads, the tour will be taken as high as possible. There is a guide available.

Aokigahara Jukai and lava cave experience
Take an afternoon nature walk around Aokigahara Forest, then enjoy exploring a lava cave formed during Mt. Fuji's volcanic eruption. the visiting the lava cave, the tour will return to the expressway bus terminal via shuttle bus.

17:30~ Fuji-Q Highland Bus Stop
Take the expressway bus bound for Shinjuku. (Chuo Expressway)

19:30 - 21:00 Tokyo
Tour will conclude upon arrival in Tokyo. Please head to your next destination on your own.

* If the minimum number of participants (2) is not met by 8 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be cancelled.
* Cave Exploring will be held even in the case of rain. Raincoats can be purchased on-site (JPY 300, adult sizes S, M & L only). If staff deem conditions to be unsafe on the day, Cave Exploring will be cancelled, and guests will join the 1-Day Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour (Return by Motorcoach), and the difference in tour fares will be refunded.
* Please wear clothing and footwear that are easy to move in, and that can get dirty. The interior of the caves is slippery, so we recommend sneakers.
* Overalls for protection against the cold, helmets, headlamps, and gloves will be provided. These fees are included in the tour booking price.
* Conditions for Participation: Participants must be healthy and fit to join this tour. *Those with disabilities or pre-existing conditions are asked to consult with Sunrise Center customer support before booking.
* Children 5 years old or younger cannot participate on this tour.
* Transportation between Fuji-Q Highland and Aokigahara Forest will be provided by Eco Vision Brains, a local service.
* Lunch is not included on this tour. Participants may eat lunch on their own at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa. Note that in some cases a sufficient amount of time cannot be allotted for lunch. Thank you for your understanding.
* Mt. Fuji's 5th Station is typically 10 to 15 degrees Celsius colder than Tokyo. On tours from autumn to spring, please bring a coat and other warm clothing.
* Due to weather conditions, Mt. Fuji may not be visible even from the base. However, the tour will not be cancelled and refunds will not be given for this reason.
* If Mt. Fuji's 5th Station cannot be reached due to road surface freezing or an accident on the Fuji Subaru Line, the tour will be taken to the highest elevation point possible. No alternative destinations are planned when the tour reaches beyond the 1st station. When the tour has to turn back at the 1st station, or when the Fuji Subaru Line is completely blocked, the tour will visit Lake Kawaguchi or Fuji Visitor Center. Please note that an alternative itinerary may also be omitted depending on road conditions.
* An English-speaking guide will accompany the tour from Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal until Highland Resort Hotel & Spa. An English-speaking instructor from a local company will accompany the tour while in the cave.
* The route bus used to return from Fuji-Q Highland bus stop to Tokyo will be a bus arriving to either Shinjuku, Tokyo Station, or Ikebukuro.


Terms and Conditions

Please read the ticket booking conditions carefully as they incorporate the basis upon which bookings are accepted by JTB Australia Pty Ltd. (“JTB”)