Ryokan Sakaya Nozawa Onsen

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9329 Nozawa Onsen, Shimokakai-gun,Nagano 389-2502 View Map

The Sakaya Ryokan in Nozawa Onsen is a luxury ryokan experience where you can eat, soak and sleep in absolute bliss.

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The Sakaya Ryokan in Nozawa Onsen is the place to stay if you're looking to have a holiday experience that is out of this world. On the one hand you have all of the amazing ski activities right at your front door. On the other hand the ryokan by itself will delight, amaze and relax you even if you never set foot outside of it during your entire stay.

A genuine luxury experience you can enjoy the outdoor onsen as well as the sauna facilities. The ryokan also has massage services, laundry facilities, luggage storage and a fantastic central location that makes it easy to get to the ski fields.

The rooms themselves have been setup in the classic Japanese style with tatami flooring, shoji rice paper doors and wireless internet. The rooms are air conditioned and come with a refrigerator, television, coffee and tea maker and a private en suite bathroom.

The food at the Ryokan Sakaya is absolutely delicious with seasonal menus taking advantage of the freshest produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Ryokan (Deluxe)

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