Ryokan Seiryu Takayama

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6 Hanakawa-cho, Takayama-shi,Gifu JAPAN 506-0015 View Map

7 mins walk from JR Takayama Station

The Ryokan Seiryu Hotel offers friendly and cosy traditional Japanese accommodation close to the popular areas of Takayama.

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The Ryokan Seiryu Hotel in Takayama offers comfortable and friendly accommodation that's just a few minutes by foot from Takayama Station, the Old Town, Miyakawa Morning Market and Hida Kokubunji Temple. The ryokan enjoys a warm atmosphere with modern facilities and amenities.

The guest rooms are in the traditional Japanese style with tatami flooring, air conditioning, LCD television and private bathroom. Enjoy comfortable futon bedding in traditional Japanese accommodation.

The ryokan also offers fantastic facilities including a hots-spring bath and free internet. The meals are Japanese and served in guestrooms. They often feature mouth-watering local beef.


  • Ryokan (Standard)

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