Japan Blogs We Read

Here at JTB Australia we love a good blog about Japan.  We decided to make a list for your inspiration and to let you know about some of the really cool blogs that are out there.  We’ve also broken them up into categories.  Please enjoy – we sure do!


There are some really interesting bloggers who focus on travelling in Japan and they’re great places to go to get some inspiration for your upcoming trip:


Japan is a photographer’s dream and offers some wonderful places for urban and outdoor photography.  Here’s some of the best blogs we’ve found:


One blog that’s popular with a consultant in the Melbourne office is this one:

  • http://kyotofoodie.com/ – Great for foodies just don’t read it an hour before your lunch break or you’ll be starving!  Some really nice images as well.

Anime & Otaku

To be honest, most of us here at JTB Australia love Japan and Japanese culture but you’d be hard-pressed to find any figurines adorning the desks of our offices.  Having said that here are some blogs in that space that have caught our eye:

  • Japandaman (www.japandaman.com): This blog does a great job of following all the happenings in Japan’s popular culture including anime, games, music, television, movies and more.  It’s a fun place to take a wander and see what you stumble across.